June 15, 2014


Liquid eyeliner has always been one of those products we've been a little scared of. We love the clean precise lines and wings they can create, but boy is it damn difficult (and messy) to get right sometimes. We've always played it safe and stuck to our pencil, powder and more recently gel liners. But we finally decided to experiment with liquid liners, starting with Revlon's Liquid Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen.

 If you've read any of our recent Revlon product reviews (here),  you're probably thinking that they have received a battering from us so far, but we're happy to report that Revlon has redeemed themselves.  If we're honest, we're still getting used to applying. It does take us a good amount of time to get right (does anyone else find that one wing always looks better than the other everytime?), but the Liquid Eye Pen  has become our go to liner for creating a clean, defined lash line and cat eye.

Packaging and design   A+
The packaging is fairly simple. The felt tip is perfect for drawing precise lines, but also firm enough to draw thicker lines smoothly.

Long Wear   A
We're not too sure whether the liner is meant to be waterproof or not, but it definitely doesn't go rogue or end up south of our eyes. It's amazing for long-lasting lash definition, yet it isn't too difficult to remove either. A basic makeup remover is all we really ever need.
Pigmentation and Formulation   B
We're impressed by the way the liner glides on, however the colour could be a little more intense. We did get ours in the shade Blackest Black, and while it definitely is black, a single line doesn't give the same intense line we've seen with other black eyeliners. But saying that, it is fairly easy to build up.
Range   A
The Liquid Eye Pen  comes in 2 shades, Blackest Black and Blackened Brown. Unless you're looking for something more bold, we think that this is a pretty decent selection for everyday makeup looks.

Overall A
 This gem gets a giant tick of approval from us! We definitely want to try out more liquid liners now, and definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good drugstore liner.

What are your favourite liquid liners?

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  1. My favourite liquid eyeliner is definitely the one by Eyeko :) I rarely use liquid liners though to be quite honest, I'm more of a gel liner kinda girl :)

    Phoebe | Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  2. I've tried this eyeliner but it the pot-type packaging and l think you'll like it. It looks like it has better pigmentation. But it propably won't have the easy application like the pen. ;D

  3. ooh thanks for the post! i have been using the maybelline stiletto black eyeliner and it works really well but i have been trying to find other brands to try! i will def try this out! x
    - Andrea

  4. I love eye liner but every time I use it just ends up looking like I've drawn a line across my eye lid. Haha, I just can't seem to get it close enough to my eye lashes so I just stick to putting it in the waterline. ;)


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  6. Yeah, the lines definitely aren't intense enough. Felt tip liquid eyeliners usually deliver intense color, which is why I swear by them for cat eyes. My favorite one would be the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner, and my more recently discovered drugstore favorite is the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner. Thank you for the review; I've been on the lookout for more felt tip eyeliners.



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