February 05, 2015

STYLE SNAG: Emma Roberts

We can't help but drool over Emma Roberts' style. Effortlessly flitting from one end of the style spectrum with her polished red carpet looks, to the other with her chic-off duty outfits, this is one woman who's got the stylish low-key look down. 
Source: Getty Images
This get-up requires zero effort but will score you maximum style points. Casual, comfy and chic is our jam, so we're always looking for inspiration on how to wear our weekend-staples without looking like we just rolled out of bed. Making use of closet basics like the white tee, black blazer and dark-washed skinnies, this dressed down look is perfect for those of us without the bank accounts to buy a new wardrobe. Put your own stamp on the classic blazer and jeans look with a pair of ankle boots and a nice piece of jewellery.
BLAZER: H&M / TOP: Witchery / JEANS: Jeans West / BOOTS: MissShop / NECKLACE: Lovisa


Whose style should we snag next?

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♥ M + K


  1. Love this effortlessly chic look! :)

    Vivi Lien

  2. Wow you really did nail this! You look amazing!!! Emma Roberts does have such a cool style. I always try to find a nice outfit on Pinterest and recreate it using what I have in my cupboards but it never turns out like yours! This is like a complete replica!!! Gorgeous girl!!!! xxxxxx


  3. Amazing post. Lovely photos.
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  4. Blazers always make an outfit look more sophisticated! You rock this outfit. :)


  5. Nice outfit!
    You look fantastic



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