April 30, 2015


When it comes to makeup, like fashion, we firmly believe that you don't need to spend big. There are plenty of brands out there that are affordable and have products that rival or are even superior to high end brands. It's also a well known fact in the beauty world, that most affordable alternatives are actually owned and made by a luxury brands.
 Some of our all time favourite products come from Rimmel. We are forever reaching for our Kate Moss lipsticks and our bags will be eternally grateful for the wake me up concealer. So it is no surprise we were over the moon when we were sent some of Rimmel's latest goodies to try out.


If we were banished to some far away land and given the luxury of only one beauty product, mascara would probably be our choice. As mascara enthusiasts, we have backups for our backups, and are on an endless hunt for the perfect all-rounder. One that lengthens plumps and lifts our lashes. So when we plucked out the Idol Eyes by Kate Moss from our package, it’s safe to say that we were very excited. Of course, we had to try this one straight away! Unlike the spiralled, double helix-like brushes that have been popular recently, the ‘Broken Heart Brush’ is curved and tethers towards the tip. We found that this shape hugged our lashes in all the right places to give them a much needed oomph and length. The packaging also gets a big yes from us! The mirrored exterior gives it a more expensive and polished look. 
In the past year, we’ve been reaching for our liquid liner quite frequently. We’ve got to admit, getting an even and symmetrical wing is a struggle for us, but we love the way it lifts our eyes when we get it right. So with our lack of liquid liner expertise in mind, we were keen to try out the Scandal Eyes Precision Micro Eyeliner. With a name like that, we thought it would help us achieve that flawaless cat eye.The nib is thin and slightly flexible which makes drawing a steady line close to the lashes so much easier. There’s less unattractive faces of concentration and more squeals of relief with this! On the same topic of liquid liner, let’s step it up a notch to the Scandal Eyes Jumbo Liquid Eye Liner. Again, we’d like to stress that we’re not liquid liner connoisseurs, so we have to admit, the sight of the fat marker set our hearts racing. But once we picked our mouths off the floor, we were impressed by how easy the jumbo liner is to use. Of course, practise makes perfect, but minus the few kinks here and there, we were pleased with how our first attempts turned out.
Now onto the BB Cream Radiance. We’ll keep this one short because there’s not much to say really. We tend to go for a dewy look on most days, so this beauty balm is right up our alley. Like the Wake Me Up foundation, which we rave on about all the time, this BB cream really does brighten and illuminise. It feels light on the skin and provides a natural and even coverage. This product was also surprisingly moisturising, so we didn’t have to wrestle with any dry spots which is always a pain!
Particularly in the colder months when our skin gets a bit dry, we are picky about the powders we use. Products that cling and draw attention to any dryness are not welcome in our makeup drawers. In the time that we've used makeup, we have struggled to find 'The Powder' that ticks all the boxes. We’ve only used the 25hr Lasting Finish Powder Foundation a few times, but it’s safe to say that we are quite chuffed with the results. It doesn't cling stubbornly to any dry spots, it leaves a natural finish and the dual wet and dry finish means it can be built up to give a bit more coverage. If you’re not big on powdering over your liquid foundation, don’t brush off this straight away. This clever product applies like a powder, but covers like a liquid foundation for medium to full coverage which means less products and more time for perfecting that winged liner!!
Now you know some of our drugstore favourites, what are some of yours?

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Disclaimer: This post is NOT  a sponsored post and DOES NOT contain affiliate links. The products featured were kindly sent to us by Rimmel for consideration. As always, the opinions expressed in the post are honest ones.


  1. Fantastic products!
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    1. The brush is so unique and works wonders to give your lashes a fuller look!

      M + K

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    1. Thank you! That means so much :) We hope to hear more feedback from your in our future posts

      M + K

  4. Very nice products!


  5. So nice products, I have the eyeline and i love it



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