August 04, 2015


If you know us, then you'll know how much we love Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation and concealer. We've repurchased the concealer multiple times already, and are on the last leg with the foundation. The Wake Me Up range has lived up to it's name thus far, brightening the complexion for a glowy and dewy look. So when Rimmel announced the latest addition to the Wake Me Up Range, we were first in line.

It's safe to say that we had high hopes when we first laid hands on the Wake Me Up Mascara. Packed with vitamins and cucumber extract, the product promises to lift , lengthen and volumise the lashes for an eye awakening look. Sounds pretty good, right?! The other products in the Wake Me Up range set the bar high, and this hypnotising chrome tube falls just short of our expectations. Yes, it lengthens and volumises. Quite well actually. The formulation and design of the brush itself allowed us to build up the volume and lengthen the our lashes evenly. So where does the mascara fall short of our high hopes for it? It does not hold a curl. Perhaps it's because the product is newly open and so is slightly wet, weighing down the lashes. Whatever it is, the moment we apply even 1 coat to freshly curled lashes, the lashes immediately drop. Given that the name of the mascara promises eye awakening lashes, it is disappointing. We wouldn't rule this product out completely though. Layered with another mascara that provides a little more hold, it does a reasonable job of amping up the lashes for a fuller look. 

All in all, the Wake Me Up Mascara ticks a lot of the boxes, but it also fails on one of our main criteria when it comes to mascaras. 

Have you tried the Wake Me Up Mascara?

♥ M + K

Disclaimer: This post is NOT  a sponsored post and DOES NOT contain affiliate links. The products featured were kindly sent to us for consideration. As always, the opinions expressed in the post are honest ones.


  1. Damnit, I thought this was a really promising mascara :( But you said it doesn't hold a curl and thats my #1 problem! Might have to give this one a skip, good review x

    Katina |

  2. lovely post! It's so amazing:)

  3. I haven't tried it. Nice review...

    (◕‿◕✿) | Instagram

  4. I actually don't think I've ever tried a mascara from Rimmel but this one having cucumber extract sounds interesting! I have a huge problem with mascaras never holding a curl for me though so this doesn't seem anything extraordinary ;( It may still be worth picking up to test out their range though.


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