September 04, 2015


As you an imagine, with skin on the drier end of the spectrum, Winter is not fun. In the last few weeks of August, our skin was feeling a little worse for wear. Our under eye area in particular was showing tell tale signs of dehydration, clinging to any trace of foundation or concealer it could get a hold of.  At this point, we would have thrown our shoe at the next person to tell us for the nth time to "moisturise"! Luckily, thanks to a new discovery, no one was hurt!   

Formulated from nothing but their Pure Natural Mineral Water, Evian's Facial Spray* does not contain  a long list of nasties which is perfect for sensitive skin types. Initially, the slim ingredient list did have us questioning whether the product is anything more than water in an aerosal can. Typically, facial sprays are water based with a few  other ingredients, notably soothing additives like cucumber. Once we got past the head scratching, we spritzed a few sprays over our faces, and boy oh boy! The fine mist is light and comfortable on the skin, quenching our thirsty Winter skin. 

This facial spray does not contain any alcohol so it doesn't fix makeup, although it claims that it can be used as a setting spray.  It's more like a 'pick me up' to prep bare skin before applying your base and to re-fresh or re-hydrate throughout the day.

We have been reaching for this product daily, but not for its intended use as a facial spray. We've found that moistening our beauty sponges with the spray makes a world of difference when applying our base or concealer. It helps to blend the product in for a natural and flawless finish, and instantly re-hydrates the skin, especially the under eye area. We highly recommend those that struggle with cakiness or products clinging to dry spots, like we do to give this a whirl. It really has changed our makeup game.

 Have you used facial sprays before? Let us know your recommendations.

♥ M + K


  1. I use it every day to fix my foundation, but i'm not sure if it makes difference haha.

    love, Turn it inside out

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