October 27, 2015


 We have always firmly believed that you don't have to spend big on makeup and beauty to get the best results. There are so many gems on offer at the 'drugstore' that are just as good if not better than high-end, luxury brands. So when we were contacted about an affordable makeup range, we were more than excited to be the guinea pigs.

Colour Theory is a brand exclusive to Amcal Pharmacies with prices ranging from $4-$10. They have over 100 products, and with the Spring races, they are all about the bright pops of colour this season.

Now if you know us, you'll know that we are blush girls. We're constantly stopping ourselves from putting every blush we see into our basket, so there's no guess at what we reached for first. Straight off the bat, Cheeky Glow is the ideal natural flush shade. You know how people say the trick to finding your perfect blush shade is to lightly pinch your cheeks and whatever colour your cheeks turn, that's what you should look for in your blush? Well, for us, this is it! We've been wearing this consistently for 3 weeks now without a fail. Considering that our blush is one of the first things to go, this one lasts a good few hours.
Cheeky Glow 

On the other hand, we were not so impressed by the eye shadow quad. They look amazing in the palette, but immediately when we swatched them, they were chalky and overly glittery. The colour payoff was also disappointing. It was almost impossible to build up the shadows to get something that was true to palette. It's a shame, because this would have been the perfect quad for a bright Spring look.

Another product we've been frequently reaching for is the Define Mascara. We like to layer this with a volumising mascara as it mainly lengthens the lashes. But if we're having an errands day or want a more natural look, then we'd happily wear it alone. The thin plastic wand makes it easy to get right at the base of the lashes.
We're all still riding the nude lip trend, and Colour Theory have got the perfect duo. At first glance, both the lip liner and lipstick look extremely brown which is not something we gravitate towards. We've always gone for pink nudes, so we were a bit weary. Alone, the pencil is actually really nice, but together with the Bittersweet lipstick, it's a winning combination. We like to work the liner in with our fingers and lightly dabbing the lipstick over the top. 

♥ M x K


  1. I really love the blush!! Its so beautiful on your skin! Love your post girls!

    This Damsel Loves Blog

  2. Gorgeous blush! I'll have to give that one a try


  3. it suits you very well

  4. So pretty. The nude lip pencil is also gorgeous!

  5. Love the blush and the lip pencil ;)


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