November 18, 2015


First it was the purple lips, and now we take a deep plunge into the wonderful world of lilac mascara. Our sudden adventurous streak has been sparked by late night Instagram binges and our favourite runway looks à la Cara Delevigne for Stella McCartney from way back.

Mascara: NYX Colour Mascara in Forget Me Not

We've always marvelled at all the makeup looks from the catwalk. Contour so sharp it can cut through glass and our 8 year old selves dream, sequined eyebrows! Often a little, ok a lot bolder and far from what you'd slap on your face on an average day, we have always wanted to try our had at re-creating them. So fast forward to this sunny Saturday afternoon, two girls and a handful of new coloured mascaras and you've got yourself a novice attempt at the runway trend. This is definitely a more wearable take on the lilac look Cara rocked in the photo above, but we are kinda digging the bright pop of colour. We probably won't be stepping out with these butterfly lashes anytime soon, but even a subtle coat on your lower lashes is a fun way to spice up your #FOTD. 
What are your holiday style picks?

♥ M x K


  1. I need to be brave ad try this. I like how yours is more subtle and wearable


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