November 06, 2015


Now that Spring is truly here, we can finally wear the dresses and skirts we've accumulated over the cooler months. We aren't fans of Winter or Autumn for that matter, but one thing that we do love are the pre-season sales. One of the pieces were were most excited to snag was this preppy collared dress.

There is something about white that we've been drawn to in the last few years. White shirts, bags, shoes, dresses, we just can't help ourselves. So naturally when we saw this ivory shift on one of our late night online shops, we put it straight into our cart!
The lattice detail gives this dress a unique touch and being a neutral colour, the styling options are endless. Pastels and metallics are our choice during the warm seasons. You can tuck a necklace underneath the collar of the dress if you fancy, but we wanted the collar to be the star of the outfit. 
Have you made any exciting purchases lately?

♥ M x K


  1. stylish and simple

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! We're glad you liked this post

      M x K

  3. You look gorgeus in white.. Nice post|
    nice list..xoxo
    Keep in touch
    My New Post

    1. Thanks Aruba! We've been attracted to white pieces lately :) Can't get enough

      M x K


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