December 02, 2015


Someone pinch us! We cannot believe how fast November has flown by. In between studying for finals this month, we have been trying out some new products and rediscovering some old favourites.

This month we we tested out some products from Blinc's range for the first time and one thing that stood out for us was their Liquid Eyeliner Pen*. This eyeliner is extremely intense which is what we prefer. There is nothing that turns us off a liquid liner more than a watered down formula that looks more grey when drawn on. This beauty has overtaken Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Precision Micro Eyeliner as our got to. 
This month, we haven't had much time to fuss over our hair, so quick products that get the job done have been a saviour. Natura Siberica's Oblepikha Hair Styling Spray has kept our locks looking less scary cat lady and more tamed. The strong hold spray is amazing for keeping all those flyaways and annoying baby hairs in place. It contains amino acids, vitamins and a smorgasbord of goodies which have really helped to keep our hair healthier with our whacked body clock courtesy of the sleepless nights. 

Weleda's Skin Food does not need an introduction. Loved by the industry's movers and shakers, Skin Food will save the most neglected of skins. We've been battling with a few dry patches, but this stuff really has helped to clear them up. The cream is quite thick in consistency so a little goes a very long way.

Elements Bioactiv Aromatherapy Revitalising Tonic has been on rotation all month. We've been switching between this and our NYX Matte Finish Spray. The reason we've been reaching for this one a bit more is that as well as a setting spray, the revitalising tonic is hydrating and refreshing. Ingredients like cucumber extract, ylang ylang and Jasmine oil do more for the skin than your ordinary facial spray. We have been spritzing this over our makeup and sporadically throughout the day when we need a little pick me up. 
Let the Good Times Roll has been a constant in our skincare routine for months now. In the last year, this facial cleanser has probably been the only stable product in our regime. We have sensitive skin, so the maize in this cleanser is the perfect gentle exfoliator. We've worked our way through a few tubs of this already and cannot recommend it more. The scent of caramel popcorn alone is justification enough to try this! We definitely don't see ourselves ditching this anytime soon.
What have you been loving?

♥ M x K

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