December 14, 2015


Let's face it, unlike some with lashes that practically touch their forehead, we were not blessed by the Eyelash Fairy. Our straight and stubby lashes are the bane of our existence. Without luck, we've gone through tube after tube of mascara, and tried all the beauty lash tricks our Pinterest searches could find. So in hope of bringing our inexhaustible quest for THE perfect mascara to an end, we have decided to road test some cult favourites.

Blinc's Lash Primer* product promises to serve up a triple whammy. The primer is designed to be more than a base for your mascara. It is also marketed to condition and amplify your lashes, a claim we won't dispute. A generous coating under any mascara adds just the right amount of oomph and length for bat-worthy eyelashes. And don't be alarmed, by the white formula because it does dry clear. We've always been a fan of simple, no-fuss, out-the-door-in-ten looks, but this is an extra step we will be adding to our makeup routine. 

Blinc has also created a few ripples with a number of their tube mascaras.Call us greedy, but after having our lashes primed, we wanted to get out lashes bigger and even better, and we were hoping that the Mascara Amplified* would do the trick. While it definitely delivers on volume we feel like it may have been at the cost of our curls. We're not sure if the "tubes" that amp up the lashes weigh them down at the same time, so even after curling our lashes they dropped once we coated them in the Mascara Amplified.  We hate to spoil the party, but the mascara didn't do much for the length of our lashes either. To be honest, this would probably be amazing on those naturally blessed with sky high lashes, but we won't be calling off our search for the perfect mascara just yet.

For all those lash lovers out there, what is your go to mascara for bat-worthy lashes?

♥ M x K

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