January 30, 2013

A Taste of Our Frugal Fashion Philosophy

Hi there fashionistas!!
Welcome to our first ever blog post! We are delighted to be able to finally share with you some of our thoughts and philosophies on shopping and fashion, particularly on a budget. From a young age we’ve been instilled with the importance of saving where we can, and living on students’ budgets we’ve had to learn how to pinch our pennies.
When it comes to fashion we believe that patience really is a virtue. Let’s admit it; we’ve all bought something, whether it be a dress or a pair of shoes, only to feel like we have been cheated when we return the next week to find it on the sale rack. Waiting can be as agonising as it is for a child counting down the days til Christmas, but imagine if you had just put it off that one week. Especially with bigger items, you will find yourself not only saving a lot of money, but you can also use this time to think over whether you really like it or even NEED it in your wardrobe. Unlike some fleeting school yard crush, if you find yourself day dreaming about that dress you’ll know it will be a worthwhile purchase which won’t be pushed to the back of your wardrobe  with last season’s fads or other impulse buys.
When people dish out Confucius sayings such as ones about patience, others often roll their eyes and dismiss it as some playful banter. But we like to embrace this advice as much as we can, even on the shopping front. By no means are we claiming to be goody two-shoes 100% of the time, but we like to follow the 80/20 rule, where we spend smartly most of the time and treat ourselves ever so often.
 In future blogs we hope to share with you more of our fashion philosophies so that you can become wiser shoppers and hopefully keep more money in your pocket- where it belongs!


  1. i agree 100% sometimes it does pain me to see all the gorgeous things in shops i like but know i can't afford to buy. I just had to learn to walk away and only settle for great bargains!


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