February 04, 2013

Styling a plain white t-shirt: Transform your plain white t’s from boring to colourful and exciting!

A staple item that we think should have a firm place in every girl’s wardrobe is a plain white t-shirt. Not only is it easy to style for different occasions, but it is also trans-seasonal, so you can get great wear out of it throughout the entire year. A white t-shirt and other basics like this are items we think you can afford to invest a little more in. It is important to know how to style a white t-shirt so we have put together some outfits suitable for different occasions

This high-waisted tulip skirt is ultra-flattering , cinching at what is generally the smallest part of your body, creating the illusion of a smaller waist. The floral skirt adds colour to what would otherwise be a plain look. The accessories are simple, allowing the skirt to be the salient feature of the outfit. Bags such as this apricot pink bag are an ideal size for a quick spot of shopping, and again allow the skirt to take centre stage. Longer straps allow the bag to be worn on the shoulder or across the body which is practical for shopping.
Deciding on an outfit for a date really depends on where and what you will be doing. You definitely wouldn’t wear the same thing to dinner at a fancy restaurant as you would to a picnic. Let’s face it; nothing’s worse than getting your 6 inch heels stuck in the grass and ending up face first in the dirt.
The outfit we put together is a bit more casual and perfect for lunch or a stroll in the park. The scarf is definitely the centrepiece of this outfit. We feel like accessories help pull an outfit together and make for a chic but effortless look. The bright floral printed scarf adds a pop of colour for a fun and flirtatious feel. The gold detailing of the cream flats adds a little class while still remaining casual and comfortable, appropriate for any romantic adventure.
The right pair of skinny jeans is flattering on most body types, and just like our favourite models everyone should own at least one pair to create the illusion of slender modelesque legs. Coloured denim is very much on trend, and for this autumn and winter warmer hues such as ox blood are a must have. The statement gold bib necklace dresses up the outfit and ties the whole look together. To further elongate your legs go for a pair of nude heels, but we opted for our black heels which we thought makes for an edgy look. A navy blue or black blazer is optional for cooler nights. Roll up the sleeves to enhance the edgy look of the overall outfit. The black lace clutch, which is one of the girlier elements of the outfit, perfectly balances out the edginess.
Now that you’ve read this blog post we hope that you no longer see a plain white t-shirt as that, plain and boring. It is far more than its name suggests. Like a blank canvas, a white t-shirt is the beginnings of an endless number of outfits. With the right accessories, a white t-shirt can make for a perfect outfit for any occasion. But most importantly, when choosing an outfit no matter what the occasion we believe that one accessory will always keep you looking your best- confidence!
 © M + K


  1. I like the skirt in the first outfit

  2. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

    1. Thank you.
      We would love to wear one of your pieces one day! We checked out your online store and were wondering whether you ever considered opening a boutique in Sydney?

      M + K

  3. Great ways to style the plain white tee. Love that it is so versatile and can be styled up or dressed down depending on what you match it with. I've also recently written a post on different ways to match your white tee, would love for you to comment on it :) http://dressi.ly/mix-n-match-outfit-ideas-white-tee/


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