February 22, 2015


Unless you're a celebrity who only needs to make it down the red carpet, chances are that when you're heading out, you'll be doing a lot of standing or walking, so do your feet a favour and leave those heels at home.
 SHOES: Sandler
These wedges have become our go to shoe when want a little extra height. We have to say that these are one of our most comfortable pair of shoes. We can walk in them for days! These make the perfect partner for date night dresses, and will lift the style factor of your most comfortable jeans.

What are your most comfortable shoes?

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♥ M + K


  1. Nice sandals dear!!!
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  2. I love wedges, they provide height without the pain of the stiletto high heel.

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  3. These wedges look lovely, comfy - and I like cork soles so much!

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