June 04, 2015


You know that old adage “Good things come to those who wait”? Well, it turns out it wasn’t just a hoax to make kids wait to open their Christmas presents, although we did feel like we were ten years old on Christmas morning when we discovered RY.com. The online Australian beauty retailer has finally brought some of the makeup world’s most coveted brands to Aussie shores. These are the kind of brands we’ve jealously swooned over reading our favourite blogs and magazines. From the likes of Anastasia Beverly Hills to the cult Beauty Blender, Becca and Tweezerman, RY.com has it all!!
We’ve been using NYX’s eyebrow pencil for well over a year now. Don’t get us wrong, our love affair with the product is as strong as ever. It is the perfect match for our brows, and we’ve even made several repurchases. Sorry NYX it’s not you, it’s us. We just think we’re at crossroads in our lives, and felt that it was time we explored other options.

Since ABH has come onto the makeup scene, it has had the blogging world a buzz. As we've mentioned in previous posts, many international makeup brands are only starting to be introduced into Australian stores, so when Ry.com kindly contacted us to trial some of the brow products, the timing couldn't be more perfect. We were looking for something new, so it really was fate!

Since filling in these face framers has become part of our daily routine, we've been on the prowl for new products to experiment with. We might as well be trekking with hobbits and elves to the fires of Mordor, because this quest has proven more difficult than we anticipated. Whether they're your traditional eyebrow pencil, powder or the new brow gels, most products seem to be too brown, too red or too grey, so you can imagine that we were sceptical about the colour match of ABH to us. The formulation of all the products are just as superb as we had expected, and surprisingly, most of them were a great match for our brows!


Let's just say that ABH has really made their first impression count. Complete with two shades, the Anastasia Brow Powder Duo is meant to be smudge proof and ideal for shading and creating your perfect brow.  So far, we've only used the darker of the two shades in the Dark Brown duo, and we think it's a fairly good match (although we would love to compare it to the product in the shade Ebony). We have a feeling it will take a while for us to hit pan on this. The powders are very pigmented and buildable for a full, but natural brow. Anastasia, we're impressed!



The Brow Wiz is great for precision. The small nib means it takes a little more time and concentration, but it's time well spent. The pencil is perfect for mimicking small hairs for a defined, yet natural finish. Your eyebrow routine can now be condensed into a single product. Bid au revoir to your brow gel, because the waxy texture helps to keep hairs in check. And if you could have seen our faces after we played around with this gem, you would have seen that we were smiling from ear to ear, because, shock horror, the shade Dark Brown is a great match for our dark brows! 


The Dipbrow Pomade makes filling in your brows seem like child's play. The gel product is easy to work with, and a little goes a long way. The smudge proof formula is ideal for oily skin and humid climates. Applied with a thin angle or liner brush, the Dipbrow Pomade gives a defined, natural finish. The gel was probably the only one of the three products that did not work for our dark brows. Dark Brown looked a little red for us. We wonder whether Ebony would be a better choice?!

What cult beauty brands and products in your makeup bag?

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♥ M + K
Disclaimer: This post is NOT  a sponsored post and DOES NOT contain affiliate links. The products featured were kindly sent to us for consideration. As always, the opinions expressed in the post are honest ones.


  1. Really nice post!! I'm in love with the Anastasia Brow Wiz Pencil, but I'll have to try some different types (like the ones with a brush and product in a pot).

    I just started my own fashion/beauty/lifestyle blog so if anyone would like to check that out I would really appreciate it!! xx


  2. Yes, you should! The gel takes the hassle out of having to use brow gel

    M + K

  3. I have that duo in Ebony and I LOVE IT so much! I've had it for quite a while now and there's quite a large dent but I think i'm not even 1/2 way through yet!? It's definitely something that is going to last me ageeeeees x

    Katina | www.katinalindaa.com

  4. Very nice girl! love this post.


  5. Thank you for visitng my blog!
    Very useful post) I still search perfect brow items, because there's not planty of them to choose here((

  6. My eyebrows are dark too, so I always have a tough time getting the right shade. Love your honest reviews


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