June 08, 2015


M + K started primarily as a fashion blog, and it has since evolved into a space for our thoughts and ramblings about everything from fashion and beauty to photography and DIY. But at the heart of our blog is our desire to inspire you to discover and cultivate your own style, to be comfortable and confident. Because if there’s one thing we want you take away from reading our blog, it’s that any #ootd and #fotd  is faultless with just the right amount of YOU.

That’s why we love the concept behind Michael Hill’s Emma and Roe collection. This beautiful collection features charm jewellery which allows you to be your own designer. With over 680 charms to choose from, whether you want to celebrate special milestones or simply capture your personal style, it’s easy to design something unique and YOU! Michael Hill recognises that a person's individual style is dynamic. We know our style preferences can change from season to season or even from day to day, so it's only fitting that your accessories do the same. This no longer has to mean investing in a completely new collection of jewellery. The individual charms in the Emma and Roe collection are interchangeable, allowing you to play around with different combinations to guarantee you shine, regardless of your mood.

This blog was never intended to be a cookie-cutter fashion guide. We’ve all been victims of trends and guilty of slavishly trying to keep up with the catwalks, but clothes and fashion aren’t meant to be worn like uniform. Although we do our Celebrity Style Snag series and post about seasonal trends, we’ve always approached fashion as we have our blog. What you wear shouldn’t mirror Fashion Week’s catwalk. The biggest fashion faux pas is to dress like someone you're not. Unlike the mass made, off the shelf jewellery, The Emma and Roe charms are the perfect way to add your own individual flare. Don't get us wrong, most of our pieces fall into this category, but Michael Hill's range is the ideal cure for the almost-the-same syndrome. Whether you add a charm of sentimental value, channel your boho babe with the Flower Charm (our personal fave) or your edgy fashionista with the Wild Hearts Skull Charm, or simply want to treat yourself,  no two people will have the same collection of charms. 
So rather than mimicking your sartorial icons, remember that dressing is about utilising the best aspects of you. Find your personal style, embrace and refine it, don’t fight it!

Emma and Roe is  now available at Michael Hill stores in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the United States, and online. If you pick something up, we want to see it! Tag us @MxKstyle on instagram or twitter.

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♥ M + K

Disclaimer: This IS a sponsored post and DOES NOT contain affiliate links. As always, the opinions expressed in the post are honest and our own.


  1. Great post ! :-) xoxo


    1. Thank you Katarina! As you can tell, we could talk about it all day!

      M + K

  2. Love the concept behind their label! Great to know new jewelry designers! Emma's and Roe's collection are really pretty! So beautiful how it looks with white and denim! Wonderful post, Michelle and Katherine! Following you on instagram, twitter and bloglovin! ;)


  3. Hi girls! Thank you for stopping by my blog :) I loved literally all the pieces featured in this post, they're so classy and elegant but modern. Great selection!



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