August 10, 2015


This week we were all smiles. With the sun beating down on us and the smell of Spring around the corner, we could not help but smile from ear to ear. But hit the pause button and fast forward an hour or so before these pictures were taken, there was a serious floordrobe situation in our room that would have any mother cringing.

Whenever it hits that transition period from Winter into Spring, we tend to get into a little funk with our outfits. It's a balancing act, putting together something that will keep us warm, but at the same time is appropriate for the rising mercury. We have made the wrong choice many a times, and have payed the price with chattering teeth and hot flushes. After a few too many errors in judgements, we may have found the answer to the age old conundrum of "What do I wear", specifically in the Winter-Spring period. Over the years, the button up shirt have become our default piece for days when the weather is on the fence- not too hot, not too cold. It's versatile, comfy and perfect for layering which makes it the ideal transitioning piece for any wardrobe.


What is your fail proof transition piece?

♥ M + K


  1. I always get confused on what to wear when the transition of seasons happen. Yes, especially winter to spring but also during summer-fall period. The button down shirt looks very pretty and ideal for winter-spring transition. :)

  2. I love your rings! And for me it's the plaid top too! It is really a must to have one. I use it for cover ups too some times.

  3. Your outfit is really cute and I love how you paired it with such a lovely nail shade :)

    Stephanie |

  4. I have similar wardrobe dilemmas in spring and autumn, the weather in the UK is so changeable. A lightweight jacket is a must for me or a shirt worn over a vest top. Your plaid shirt is fab :-)

    Emma xxx com

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