August 14, 2015


Some people struggle to find a foundation shade that matches their skin, but for us, our greatest struggle has always been finding a brow product that works for our dark hair. 

When brands come out with new eyebrow products, we always rush to the stand in vain, just to be disappointed that their darkest shade just isn't dark enough! So when Rimmel came out with their Brow This Way Eyebrow Sculpting Kit*, we weren't expecting much. We went with the darkest shade in the line- Dark Brown. At first glance, we had our doubts. Both the wax and powder in the kit looked way too light for us, but when we manned up and started to work the product into our brows, they were actually a perfect match. Cue screams of excitement! The wax and powder blend seamlessly into our brows to give a natural, I woke up like this look. We definitely prefer this over the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade which we own in, funnily enough, Dark Brown too. We find that the Rimmel duo is more ashy and taupe based while the Dipbrow Pomade is on the red side (Read a more detailed review of the pomade here). 

This little kit has become a regular fixture in our daily makeup spread since we got our hands on it. We apply the product as suggested, wax first then powder. The wax is not tacky or heavy at all. The formulation is light and comfortable, so you won't feel like your brow bone is about to collapse from the weight of the product like some gels and pomades are guilty of.  Applying the wax first really helps to define and fix the brows before going in with the powder. 

Unlike some of the brushes that come with other compact palettes, the petite double-sided angle brush gets a big thumbs up from us! The bristles are slightly stiffer which allows more precision when filling in any sparse areas, particularly at the tail of the eyebrow. Along with the mini (and cute!) spoolie, it makes for the perfect travel buddy. 

Naked brows before applying any product...

With the wax only...

With the wax and powder...

We are also in the process of trialing the Brow Styling Gel from the Brow This Way range, so watch this space to see our verdict.

Have you tried anything of the products from the new Brow This Way collection?

♥ M + K


  1. great post! you look so cute. ^_^
    I've been blessed with dark brows so I don't often use anything to darken them (sometimes just a brown eyeliner) but I definitely need to get a clear brow gel to stop them from going crazy.
    stay wonderful!
    ♥ Bec

  2. FInding the right eyebrow shade is hard for me too. This one looks perfect on you and looks like it would match my darker brows too


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