October 05, 2015


Sunshine equals barbecues. It's a simple equation and definitely one we're fond of. A backyard shindig is all about the food and people, right?! Yes, but of course for us, "what to wear?" is a constant  though occupying our minds. 
Relaxed, comfy and girl next door are what we tend to go for when spending the afternoon huddled around the esky and delicious spread. Denim and stripes are a fail proof pairing for every day and fit the laid-back, effortless brief to the tee. Everyone is bound to have a striped shirt tucked away somewhere, and with the revival of the 90s denim skirt, this is a look most of us can probably summon up from our existing wardrobes. Now time for some freshly squeezed lemonade and a few too many plates of food.


♥ M + K


  1. cute!


  2. I love stripey tops and denim skirts! Just stripey tops in general really, they go well with most things! This outfit is especially cute though, I love the way the stripes get thicker :)x


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