October 06, 2015


As 90s kids, we have fond memories of jelly shoes. They were the Birkenstocks of their time, not particularly attractive but comfy as heck. With that in mind, we recently discovered a  brand that breaks the Ugly Duckling mould.

Mox let us put 2 pairs of their signature shoe "with a twist" to the test. As jelly show connoisseurs with years of experience, we were more than excited. Mox is an Australian owned and run business (yay!) that is as passionate about creating amazing footwear as they are about the environment. Everything down to the packaging of the shoes is environmentally conscience. The flats themselves are crafted from 100% man made rubber while the traditional shoe boxes are replaced by 100% cotton, biodegradable, reusable string bags.

Our first impressions before even putting our feet into the shoes was they are actually pretty cute. Unlike the classic jelly shoes that some may be a little embarrassed to sport in public, we would proudly pair these with any outfit. The twist rope-like design is unique and definitely adds just as much character to an outfit as a bold statement necklace. With the temperature on the rise here in Australia, we also appreciate the ventilation from the cut outs! Once we put the shoes on and strutted up and down our room a few (too many) times, we were reminded why jelly shoes hold such a a dear place in our hearts. It's like walking on clouds! The soft rubber means no nasty blisters as the shoe seemingly moulds to the shape of the foot. It basically feels like you're barefoot. 


Something we noticed immediately from just holding the flats is how light Mox shoes are. Each pair weighs a measly 300 grams, so you can pop these in your bag on a night out or take them along with you on your next globe trot without worrying that they'll tip your bag over the weight limit.


Are you a fan of the jelly shoe?

You can pick up a pair from Mox's website. There are a dozen different colours to choose from

♥ M + K


  1. They look so comfy and pretty popular here in Hong Kong

    Nashia | MakeupandBeautyMayhem

  2. Amazing post dear! I love it:)


  3. As a kid I love love loved my jelly shoes. I had the sparkly clear ones when I was little. I really like these, definitely a throw back :)

    love, lissyhayes.co.uk

  4. Wonderful post! Have a nice day:)



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