November 23, 2015


Ok, so it's time we 'fessed up. We've gone a little concealer cray. Not to point fingers, but we blame it on the post-exam panda eyes and stress-induced breakouts. But we're sure most of you can attest to, covering up a raging pimple and faking 8 hours of sleep requires completely different products, so of course we thanked our lucky stars when the Innoxa Cover & Correct concealer palette dropped.

Saying we had high hopes for this palette would be a gross understatement. With our fingers, toes and every other part of our body crossed, we dove right into the all-in-one kit.
This is the concealer palette of dreams. It houses 2 concealers and four colour correctors- a yellow corrector to neutralise dark circles, a green to reduce redness, a purple to banish yellow tones, and a complexion brightening apricot.
The creamy texture won us over instantly! When we're stressed we notice that our skin tends to be a lot more dehydrated and a magnet for clingy and creasy concealer spots. But the concealers and correctors smoothed and blended like a dream. Just as we do with other cream products, we patted these on with our fingers and blended them in with a moist sponge. Covering up those darn red spots always calls for something a little heftier, and we found that the green corrector does a good job at counteracting the red while the concealers layered over it really well without looking to heavy or cakey.
The yellow corrector did wonders for our under eye circles and the apricot managed to make us look more bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed than we really felt. The sleek design gives the palette an expensive feel while the slim-line packaging and mirror makes it the perfect travel companion.

♥ M x K

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