November 26, 2015


Gigi Hadid's blunt bob at the AMAs sent everyone into frenzy. Social media went into melt down when the VS angel debuted her dramatically shorter locks. But on Monday, Hadid revealed that no strands were shed in the process, putting her cropped bob down to a partial wig. 

Gigi's stylist Bryce Scarlett revealed some of the secrets behind the now notorious crop, including the Matrix StyleLink Texture Builder. When we realised that we had the exact bottle sitting on our shelf, we knew we had to give our hand at recreating the slicked back bob sans the wig.

Mousse: Starting with towel dried hair, saturate your hair from roots to tips with mousse

Use a paddle brush: Place the mousse in your part and smooth it over you hair using a paddle brush. 

Do this in sections: Depending on how thick and how much hair you have, split your locks into 
sections. Start at the back and then finish at the front sections

The key to this look is to backcomb, backcomb, and oh, backcomb!
Backcomb like you have never backcombed before. Backcomb the roots starting from the crown, and work your way back

Hairspray your roots to hold the faux bob in shape

Finish with texturising spray to add some texture to your sleek bob
Do you think Gigi should get a permanent chop?

♥ M x K


  1. You are so cute! :) i love short hair. It makes a girl look so effortless and chic!!!

    1. We agree! There is something classy about it

      M x K


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