December 07, 2015


When the festive season rolls around and the halls are decked with boughs hollly, it's not the gift shopping, tree decorating or gingerbread men that makes us giddy. It's the card crafting, and as we've grown older, this love for hand-making cards has only gotten stronger. With Christmas only a few sleeps away we have been busier than Santa's little helpers personalising cards for our family and friends. We can see some of you cringing out the mere thought of crafting, but today we show you how easy it can be.
These fingerprint reindeers are a favourite. Not only is this card simple to make, but it also let's us indulge in one of our childhood pastimes- finger painting.

What you will need
  • Blank card
  • Paint
  • Pain brush
  • Black felt tip pen

Get Crafting!
1. Dip the pads of your fingers into brown paint, then press them onto a blank card

2. Paint in noses, ears and antlers, hats and any other accessories or bits and bobs to give your reindeers character. 
Tip: for the washed out, watercolour effect, add a splash of water to dilute your paint

3. Using a black felt tipped pen, roughly outline anything you have painted
4. Add a personalised message
Are you a DIY card crafter?

♥ M x K


  1. What a cute idea!! Have you guys started Xmas shopping yet?

    This Damsel Loves Blog

    1. Sorry for the late reply, but we've only gotten back from our trip. We try to get our shopping done early, but it never works out!

      M x K

  2. Replies
    1. You do! tag us in any photos if you decide to try it, we want to see how they turn out!

      M x K


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