December 06, 2015


In the last year, we've slowly built up a solid skincare routine specifically targeting hyperpigmentation. We've tried the DIY lemon and honey masks hailed miracle scar zapppers by the internet with little success. Despite how wonderful the sound of organic skincare is, all natural products can only do so much. Since beginning our skincare journey, we've discovered a handful of brands and products that have worked for us. We may do an entire post on all of these down the track, but today, we want to share with you one of the recent additions to our counter.
We don't tend to stick to just one product. We have found that our skin responds well to a number of products, so we like to rotate them every now and then. Two of the main products we have been reaching for in the past few months are from the Elucent whitening range. Their line of products contain Emblica fruit extract along with vitamins such as Vitamin E and C to target discolouration and reduce dark spots. The thing that keeps us coming back to the brand is how gentle their products are. Often with brightening creams or treatments, they can be harsh and drying, but thankfully our sensitive skins haven't reacted badly to the range so far. 

The whitening Day Moisturiser 30+ has been our daily moisturiser of choice. The key standouts in the ingredient list are Emblica fruit extract, safflower seed oil and Vitamins B3 and E, all of which help to increase cell turnover and reduce the appearance of discolouration. While the consistency  is slightly thicker than something like your ordinary QV moisturiser, it surprisingly sits well under makeup. Our skin drinks it up quickly, so we love that on a wake-up-and-out-the-door day, we can give our face an instant boost of hydration without having to wait before slapping on our bases. When thinking about targeting any uneven skin tone or dark spots, one of the key things you need to remember is that the sun plays a big part. So whether you use this or something else, always make sure to include a moisturiser or sunscreen with a high SPF to prevent further pigmentation.

Of the two products, the Spot Corrector has to be a favourite. While we can't pin point which exact product in our routine is responsible, we have noticed some of our spots lightening in the last few weeks. It may be the corrector with a combination of other products, but either way, we have been quite impressed. The spot corrector contains the same quartet of key ingredients as well as Vitamin C, making it a more potent and concentrated option for those darker, stubborn spots. While the scent can be a tad off putting, we like to apply this over specific spots of concern before going to bed. The corrector is thinner and milky in consistency, so be careful when squeezing it out of the tube! We don't mind this though because it means the product is quite light on the skin and only a pea size amount is needed. 

With these and any other whitening product, don't expect a miracle transformation over night. We know it can be disheartening when you don't see results in a few days, but it does take consistent use over a few weeks to see noticeable differences. So be patient and don't be afraid to experiment and mix up your routine. We all have different skins, so ultimately they will respond differently to the same product or ingredients. What works for us may not work for you.

D you struggle with uneven skin tone? What are your holy grail products?

♥ M x K


  1. I've never tried this Brand before! My favourite product for troublesome Skin is definitely Origins! I love the 'Out of Trouble' Mask! You should definitely try it! :) X.

    1. It's a new one for us too, but we have been impressed so far. It's gentle on the skin which is perfect for those, like us, with sensitive skins. We've heard great things about a few of the Origin masks. We definitely need to try that one

      M x K


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